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April 23 2011


Linux Mint 10 + Firefox 4: Fix Search Enhancer

If you switched to Firefox 4 by adding the "firefox-stable" ppa you will notice that, if you use Firefox' integrated Google search, you don't have the selectors for Images, Maps, News etc. on top of the page anymore. Originally they were added by Mint's Search Enhancer extension, which is not prepared for Firefox 4 yet. Other tutorials tell you how to remove this extension, but removing it may not solve your problem with these missing links (and the LM project would not be sponsored by Google anymore for your searches). Better you cheat by changing the extension's manifest:
$ sudo nano -w /usr/lib/firefox-4.0/extensions/mint-search-enhancer@linuxmint.com/install.rdf
There look for this line:
and replace it with:
Now you can continue using Google with enhanced interface and still help the Linux Mint project getting sponsored using the custom search.

October 29 2009

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Ich hab den Windows 2000 Splash Screen samt Animation für Linux nachgebaut. Funktioniert besser als das Original! ;)
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